When the summer is in, it’s time to infuse the delectable Mango to various types of sweets and enjoy this rich delicate fruit to it’s zenith.So here comes the traditional Rasmalai in it’s tropical delicious avtaar

Rasmalai is a Bengali dessert that is very popular among the Indian Sweet Lovers. It originates from West Bengal and is loved by all. Be it any occasion or celebration, Rasmalai features amongst the dessert collection. Ras means sweet juice while Malai means cream so yes this dessert is all in all prepared from the Milk hence requires fewer ingredients to prepare.

This is a double bonus recipe, you can only make Mango Rabri or Mango Rosgullas and serve. When you combine the two, you get drool worthy Mango Rasmalai. They taste absolutely heavenly when served cold. Come summer, it’s always time for me to prepare Mango desserts

I have prepared the Rasmalai from scratch, you can prepare Mango Rabri and then use homemade or store brought Rosgullas and add it to Rabri and serve. Adding Mango flavour to Rosgullas takes the taste of Rasmalai to next level so yes it tastes best when prepared from scratch.

The dessert is absolutely delicious and I am sure you can impress your family and friends with this delectable Mango Rasmalai

*Always cook milk over low heat while preparing Rabri to prevent milk from burning

**Adding 1/3 cup milk powder to milk will quicken the process of making Rabri

**You can add food color for the bright Mango color or skip

***Chenna should be kneaded until it forms smooth dough else Rosgullas wouldn’t turn out right. Do not over cook Rosgullas else it would become rubbery. Once milk seperates, do not cook further, cool immediately else chenna will harden

Do watch the video for better clarity in preparation and share your experience once you prepare the dish

Preparation time: 15 mins Cooking time: 45 mins Total time: 70 mins



For Rosgullas

  • 1 liter milk
  • 2 tbsp Lemon juice/Vinegar
  • 1 Cup water
  • 2 Cups sugar
  • Few drops Mango essence
  • 3/4 teaspoon Mango Puree

For Rabri

  • 1 litre full fat milk
  • 1 cup Mango puree
  • 1/2 cup Sugar – adjust
  • 1/4 teaspoon Cardamom
  • Nuts and Saffron to garnish
  • Crushed Saffron/Kesar food color – optional

Steps to prepare

  • Method for Rosgullas : Bring the milk to boil in deep bottom vessel. When it starts boiling ,add Vinegar/lemon juice and mix well.
  • Chenna and water gets separated after adding lemon juice/vinegar. The separated cheese in India is called “Chenna”. You can use leftover whey for kneading rotis/tortilla dough
  • Switch off the heat immediately otherwise Chenna will harden.
  • Seperate Chenna and whey .Wash chenna under cold running water , this will remove the taste of lemon/vinegar
  • Now tie the chenna in cheesecloth and hang or keep under heavy weight.
  • When all the water is drained out take out the chenna from the cloth, and transfer to the plate.
  • Now mash the chenna with heel of your palms till it becomes soft. You can even use grinder to mash it properly. Chenna should be absolutely smooth and form a dough
  • Shape into lemon size small balls without cracks and keep it aside.
  • Now boil 1 cup water water in a separate vessel with 2 cups sugar. Add all the chenna balls to the boiling sugar water. Cover it and let it cook for 10 – 15 minutes. Do stir in between
  • Balls would have doubled in size. Allow Rosgullas to cool
  • Method for mango Rabadi : Boil milk in heavy bottomed vessel. When milk start boiling , reduce the heat , stir continuously till the milk becomes thick. Allow to cool
  • Now add mango puree , cardamom and sugar to the milk and blend it properly. Mango Rabri is ready
  • Now squeeze the Rosgullas properly and add it to Mango Rabri. Gently mix
  • Refrigerate for 6-7 hours so that Rosgulas absorb Rabri flavour well
  • Garnish with nuts and saffron. Serve cold
Mango Rasmalai
Posted by:Rekha Unni

Humble quirky soul embarking on beautiful journey of love called Life. Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies and I love experimenting with different types of foods. it's the love of cooking for my family which has made this hobby as one of my passions

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