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Welcome to my site! Thanks for stopping by. This blog covers both Indian and Global cuisine. I hope you would love it as much as I enjoyed cooking these dishes 🙂

About Me:

Humble quirky soul embarking on beautiful journey of love called life“. Yes and that’s me described in one liner

Born and brought up in Mumbai, I shifted to Hyderabad post marriage and currently I reside in Kolkata with my hubby and son. I did my Engineering in Electronics and Telecom and worked in IT Industry for 16 long years. 2 years ago, I received a wake up call when I realized , life was passing by and I had no time for my hobbies and the things I wanted to do growing up. I was quite focused on my job and taking care of home that I stopped taking care of myself and was quite stressed out. It was a tough decision but right one for me when I decided to quit my job and pursue my Interests. Cooking, reading, scribbling poems, playing violin are some of my hobbies.

Journey towards cooking:

As a child , I was an all rounder – good in studies and extra curricular activities (debates, elocution, drama , running). Cooking was something that never crossed my mind until my mom expired 23 years ago. I am born in a family where both my mom and elder sister were good or should I say excellent cooks and yet I wasn’t remotely interested in it. After my mom’s death and my sister’s marriage, my journey with cooking started with me fumbling around the kitchen. I loved eating but cooking wasn’t me until it became necessity. My dad was the victim of my brutal cooking experiments yet he always supported and encouraged me. Soon what was a necessity , slowly developed into one of my my hobbies. Due to nature of my job, it only remained as a hobby as I didn’t have much time for cooking. When I quit my job , I started focusing on my culinary skills. I am self taught cook and baker. I am still exploring food photography skills of mine

I love experimenting with different types of foods. it’s the love of cooking for my family which has made this hobby as one of my passions. I have come a long way and still love learning about different cuisines. Being health conscious , I prefer home cooked food to eating out

So if you are like me who loves to cook various types of food then this blog is definitely for you

About the Blog:

2 years ago when I decided to pursue my hobby, I started participated in some of the cooking competitions and won few which boosted my confidence in Culinary skills. I have few of my recipes published in various cooking apps when I decided to bring all my published and unpublished recipes under one single umbrella and created this blog. I made few of the recipes without step by step pics or video while the rest have either one of them so do let me know if it is required, I would be happy to do it

Request you to not to kindly copy the content or pics from my site without my consent

Do share in your feedback, suggestions, queries or just say hello at nairrekha@gmail.com. Happy Cooking!!! 🙂 🙂